Happy fall! I hope everyone is enjoying the crisp weather.


The last few months have been busy! A building restoration is coming to a close. Units have been turned over to owners and folks have been moving in. Laundry machines have been receiving new coin boxes and slides for coin collection as the machines have needed replacement. Coin boxes are now being installed in the remainder of the machines. You will see over the next month or so your laundry machines excepting coins again. Please remain to be diligent in closing the laundry room doors and making sure they are secured. We do not want thieves gaining access easily to break the newly repaired machines. We are continuing to solicit bids for the foundation work to the buildings. Unfortunately the common response from most contractors has been that they are booked out in excess of two years due to earthquake damage repairs. We will continue on with trying to find reputable contractors to do the work. Also top priority over the last few months has been having the roof of E building assessed for improper roofing. we have found that it was not properly reroofed or framed. We have now had a structural engineer and roofing expert‘s as well as municipal inspectors out to help assess the repair plan.

The darkening months and cooling weather has brought homeless and vagrants to the property looking for warmth. Please do not let nonresidents in to the buildings. Make sure security doors are tightly latched when entering or exiting the building. We must all be diligent at not letting these folks gain access to the building. If you do see vagrants within the building please contact security immediately to have them removed. The dispatch line phone number is 907-252-4881

Anchorage Manorhouse Management