Spring is in the air!

I hope this finds you all well & healthy.
The corona virus and state health mandates have thrown everyone for a loop. Most of our projects have been put on hold until mandates are lifted. 
The video security camera systems was fully installed in C building before being put on hold. The rest of the buildings will be installed as soon as mandates allow. Unfortunately the new locks we’re also put on hold due to the mandates. Technicians from out of state needed to fly in but this was prohibited due to the need for quarantine when arriving in Alaska. Management did receive the training on the key encoders luckily before the project was put on hold. 

Laundry revenue for the month of March was$5,835.25. Yay this is great news!

We have been working on a platform for live online Board meetings. This is currently being tested & we hope to hold a virtual meeting in the near future. With this exciting new announcement, we are also hoping to roll out online voting that will be open to every resident via Internet connection. You’ll be able to logon through your computer, phone or handheld device. You can see a sample of the online ballot login for voting purposes at the bottom of the newsletter.

The parking lot has been pumped, swept and the speed bumps have been replaced. Spring lawn cleanup will happen within the next few weeks. Now that the snow has melted and is gone we have noticed there is a lot of dog poop on the property that has not been cleaned up by resident pet owners. If you are witnessed to allowing your pet to defecate on the property without proper cleanup you will be fined. Residence that use the grass outside their deck as a personal pooping ground will be back charged for the cleanup cost. Please keep this in mind when allowing your dog bathroom breaks outside your patio door. 

Please remember that vehicles with expired tags, no license plates, leaking fluids, inoperable and flat tires are subject to immediate towing. This applies to visitor parking and assigned unit parking spots both.
Also please keep in mind, if you are parking a vehicle in visitor parking you must move it every 72 hours and a permit is required or it is subject to towing. 

The security team has noted almost every night on their walk through the laundry room doors are propped open with the garbage cans. This is not allowed. Please close the laundry room door behind you after use and ensure that it has latched. Every resident must ensure that the door is closed tightly, this is the only way that we can detoured burglars from breaking in to our laundry machines.

Please do not let nonresidents in to the buildings. Make sure security doors are tightly latched when entering or exiting the building. We must all be diligent at not letting these folks gain access to the building. If you do see vagrants within the building please contact security immediately to have them removed. The dispatch line phone number is 907-252-4881
Signal 88 Security reports can be found under the Security Reports tab. 


Anchorage Manorhouse Management